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Midland Spaceport Business Park

The Midland Spaceport Business Park, located at the Midland International Air & Space Port, is a 50 acre mixed use development dedicated to support the space flight industry, aviation industry, research and development related facilities. Operating through its development arm known as the Midland Development Corporation, the City of Midland will provide lease lot locations to prospective space flight and aviation industry businesses. The business park is positioned on the southwest side of the airport and contains a range of locational capabilities within the park to suit client needs. This range allows direct airside ramp access for businesses needing hangar/ramp access, along with non-airside building locations for support and research facilities. Available lease lots range in size from approximately 1 to 7 acres and the lease concept allows flexibility in the negotiated lease lot size. 

Spaceport Business Park Site Plan and Lease Lot Layout

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Hangar A

44,208 sq. ft. of office and hangar space available at Hangar A:

  • Office Area 1st floor: 8,634 sq. ft.
  • Office Area 2nd floor: 7,094 sq. ft.
  • Hangar A area: 28,480 sq. ft. (200' x 30' door span)

Land Use Zoning Map

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Spaceport Business Park Rendering