XCOR One Step Closer to Becoming Reality

MIDLAND - A preliminary launch schedule for XCOR Aerospace at the Midland International Airport, shows the company will be sending it's spaceplane into orbit twice a week by 2015

The company applied for a spaceport license with the Federal Aviation Administration. The deadline to approve or deny the license is September 15th.

If approved, the Midland International Airport would be the first to offer both commercial and space flights.

It is on schedule to send two planes into orbit per day by 2018.

Midland ranked No. 2 ‘best place in Texas’

Midland is the second best place in all of Texas, according to one real estate brokerage firm.

Virgin Galactic Helps Build the New Space Age in the Mojave Desert

XCOR Aerospace is shifting many of its employees from Mojave to a new research and development complex in Midland, Texas, thanks to $10 million in economic incentives.

Aerospace firms start recruiting in prekindergarten

University of Southern California mechanical engineering junior Stephanie Balais developed a passion for aerospace after joining the university’s AeroDesign team and helping to construct an airplane fuselage hours before transporting the plane to a competition in Kansas.

As internships beckoned, she applied to many top defense and aerospace firms. But Microsoft Corp. snagged her first. This summer, Balais, 20, will spend 13 weeks in Redmond, Wash., working in the tech giant’s manufacturing and supply chain department.