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New Census Data Shows Colorado, Texas Tops in Economic Growth

"Our economy continues to offer diverse opportunities to job seekers," said Commissioner Ronny Congleton, representing labor.

24/7 Wall St., citing recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau for 381 metropolitan statistical areas from April 2010 through July 2013, reported the 10 fastest-growing metro areas in terms of population.

Midland is the No. 1 Great Escape according to Texas Monthly (April 2014)

“The Midland-Odessa metro area added an estimated 5,700 jobs were added to the Midland-Odessa combined economy over the last 12 months, posting a year-over-year growth rate of about 3.6% (and averaging 3.8% for the first quarter). ” - Karr Ingham November Report (February 2014)

According to YAHOO! Homes’ article, Booming Economies Across the U.S., “The economy of Midland, Texas, grew by 7.5%, the most in the nation.” (February 2014)