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City of Midland




Supplier and Distributor of City Water

Colorado River Municipal Water District/City of Midland

Total years and months supply:

50 years supply

Source of City's Water:

Lake Spence, Lake Thomas, Lake Ivie, Paul Davis Well Field

Maximum capacity of the system (gal/day)

50 million gallons per day

Age of Treatment Plant:

Built in 1970, expanded and updated in 1990, 2003

Treatment capacity:

32 million gallons per day

Average Daily Usage (gal/day)

22.2 million gal/day

Peak demand to date

47 million gal/day

Water cost per 1,000 gallons

$14.00 - first 2,000 gallons,
then $3.18/1,000 gallons after that

Businesses located outside the City, but on City of Midland service are charged 1.5 times the City rate. Service outside city limits must be approved by City Council and recipient must agree to be annexed at City's request.



Solid Waste:


Service provided by:

City of Midland

Maximum capacity:

Year 2069

Volume remaining:

26,011,726 tons

Daily volume:

619 tons/day (313 days)

Total volume (2005):

193,645.68 tons

Total volume (2006, projected @ 2% growth):

197,518.59 tons/year





Service provided by:

City of Midland

Treatment capacity:

21.0 million gallons/day

Average daily usage (gal/day)

11.99 million gallons/day

Peak demand:

14.2 million gallons/day

Sewer cost per 1,000 gallons:

$16.96 minimum/first 25,000 gallons;
68 cents/1,000 for the next 475,000 gallons;
52 cents/1,000 gallons for the next 500,000 gallons
A) 5-day 20 C BOD>250 mg/1
B) Suspended solids >250 mg/1; pre-treatment by discharger if necessary; grease, oil & sand interceptors needed if these items are in discharge; plans must be submitted and approved