MDC, city praised for cooperation on radar facility

Midland Reporter - Telegram

What started several years ago as a prototype made of PVC pipe and chicken wire has become reality, thanks to a bit of help from the Midland Development Corp. and the city of Midland.

A small ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Tuesday at the MDC offices to officially celebrate the completion of LeoLabs’ Midland Space Radar, located on city-owned property in Winkler County known as the T-Bar Ranch.

The radar is the first in the worldwide network LeoLabs is looking to build to map space debris hurtling around in low Earth orbit.

“We’re building a worldwide radar network to act as infrastructure for the entire global space community,” CEO Dan Ceperley said. “The Midland Space Radar is the first radar built to provide commercial tracking services. It’s the first radar we built as a company.”

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