Midland Health creates Pediatric Task Force

As a part of Midland Health’s vision, to become the healthiest community in Texas, the administration believes in transparency and proactively working hard to attend to our community’s health-care needs. In response to an issue with a patient who had unintended complications, a Pediatric Task Force was initiated. Its main purpose is to set up goals from both pediatric and ER perspectives.

Our community is in need of a comeback

Just when you thought it was OK to look forward and start talking about what our community’s future, the website Parabolic Arc felt the need to pile on.

Last week, the space industry blog was the first to report XCOR Aerospace was laying off its remaining employees. 

That’s right, the same XCOR Aerospace our community invested in -- or bet on -- to put Midland on the space industry map. 

XCOR Lost ULA Engine Contrac

Despite laying off its 21 remaining employees, XCOR Aerospace isn’t dead yet. But, it’s not in real good shape, either.

It turns out that a major blow to the company was the loss of a contract with United Launch Alliance (ULA) to develop an upper stage for the Vulcan booster.

Midland home sales on the rise thanks to steady oil prices

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Home sales are on the rise in Midland and so far this year, there's been record numbers. Even homes over a million dollars are getting sold. It's something that's leaving the real estate market puzzled because oil isn't exactly booming.

"Oil and gas prices aren't having as much of an effect on our real estate market as compared to the past," said Bill Lanier, Real Estate Agent and Broker.

The real estate market is having a good year and they're giving a lot of credit to the stable oil prices.

XCOR’s presence at airport was a benefit to community

Midland Development Corp. board Chair Brent Hilliard was right when he called XCOR’s decision to lay off its workers in Midland and Mojave, California, “disappointing.”

It is very disappointing. There is another feeling stemming from the economic development agreement that apparently went belly up on Wednesday: This one stings.

The Passing of a Rite of Passage

Having a summer job used to be a rite of passage for teenagers. Changes in economic conditions and preferences are contributing to a decline in the numbers of young people seeking summer work. The implications for both young people and employers are significant.

Council wants to earmark Scharbauer operations funds

The Midland City Council has taken the first step toward earmarking the money left over from the collection of the 4B tax and dedicating it specifically for maintenance and operations of the Scharbauer Sports Complex.

In Tuesday’s meeting, the council dissolved the Midland Football-Soccer and Baseball Complex Development Corp. That was expected as part of the aftermath of the failed May election that would have extended a quarter-cent sales tax for parks improvements and sports complex operations/maintenance.

Cruz: ‘D.C. is a little crazy right now’

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz was back in West Texas this weekend to meet with local leaders and spread his message that he and other Republicans intend to keep the promises they made to voters in November.

Despite having majorities in the House, Senate and control of the White House, the seemingly never-ending controversy surrounding President Donald Trump hasn’t made his job easy.

MDC looks to fund 3 more roads projects

The Midland Development Corp.’s commitment to contributing funding to area transportation projects continues with an interest in three more projects.

In a pair of letters dated May 3 to the TxDOT Odessa District and received Friday by the Reporter-Telegram, the MDC indicated it wants to contribute $7 million for an overpass at Loop 250 and County Road 1140, for improvements to the intersection at Loop 250 and State Highway 191 and for improvements at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Midkiff Road.

Woodley approved as UTPB president

The University of Texas System Board of Regents unanimously approved Sandra Woodley as the new president of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin today during a meeting in Austin.

Woodley will succeed David Watts. Watts has been UTPB president since 2001 and is resigning effective Aug. 31.

Regents approved Woodley as a finalist for the position in March.