Spaceport development should continue to be priority

Midland Reporter - Telegram

On the surface, the news of layoffs at XCOR was supposed to be damning. The Midland Development Corp. put its money behind the wrong space industry player. The efforts to turn Midland International into a spaceport would go for naught. The development restrictions created because of the spaceport classification would be called into question.

The truth is, none of that appears to be the case. The Midland Development Corp., city of Midland and our community isn’t slowing down as far as space is concerned. XCOR, officials say, still matters; so do the spaceport license and development restrictions.

“It’s not about the latest good or bad news. ... What it’s about is the industry just keeps getting bigger, the scope of things that only governments can do that now get done by private companies expands every year, the opportunities expand every year, the availability of investment capital expands every year — the industry just keeps growing,” said Jeff Greason, XCOR founder and former CEO.

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